01 Jan

Helping Minnesota Homeowners with Ice Dams

In Minnesota we have become accustomed to harsh conditions in the winter. Cold temperatures, winds, and snow is apart of our DNA. This winter, however, has been harsher than normal. Not only have we had extreme cold conditions, we have had larger than normal snowfall.

Ice dams on roofs are always a concern for Minnesota roofs. However, this year ice dams are even more prevalent.  The quantity of snow and ice has built up on roofs, can cause extra weight on the building structure, can build up under singles and can cause leaking in the long run.

Our team has been out helping  homeowners and commercial property owners by safely removing their ice damns.  Our steam technology is safe for all roof structures and easily removes ice and snow.

Ice Damn

Do you have an ice dam ? Are you concerned that there might be a potential that you have a build up of ice or snow? Call us today & one of our team members would be happy to offer you a free consultation at your property.


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