Our Founder


Our founder Robin Colling brings with him 25+ years of gutter expertise and has been working in the construction industry for 30 years. Robin is extremely devoted to taking care of and spending time with his family, which consists of his wife Julianne, and his five kids; Brandon (31), Donald (26), Angelique (22), DeWayne (16), and Benjamin (14).

Robin Colling was born and raised in Northern Minnesota, and has spent his entire life in Minnesota. Robin grew up on a farm and learned the lessons of hard work and discipline at a young age helping his family. He served our country with distinction in the US Army, where he was stationed in Germany for three years. Upon returning home in 1983, he immediately entered in the construction industry. Robin’s first jobs out of the army were working as roofing and siding installers, where he gained much interest and insight in the construction world. He quickly graduated to managing roofing and siding crews, and worked his way up to job foreman, which he spent doing for the next ten years.

By 1993, Robin began devoting all of his time and talent exclusively to the singular pursuit of gutter excellence. Since then, he has owned and operated his own companies for over 20 years. He has done gutter projects for some of the biggest luxury and reputable home builders, management companies, and celebrities in the metro area. In the last ten years Robin has become the go to contractor for the most highly technically and complex gutter projects including all types of custom copper work.